The 4th wall of reality has been completely shattered over the last several years. From Trump to decentralized finance, it’s become clear that reality as we know it is fundamentally different from our traditional perceptions. There has been a slow but steady awakening of the collective consciousness that is now accelerating exponentially. The awakening is fueled by the understanding that the reality each of us experience individually is a direct projection from inside our own brains, almost like a projector in a movie theater. We are in control of that projector, both through our thoughts and our feelings. We choose the reality we live in. We choose the movie we watch.

The dollar is backed by nothing. It holds value because we decide it holds value. Money is an illusion just like reality is an illusion.


The universe is our illusion. The time is now to come together to imagine a reality centered around authentic connection, humanity, and play. Our community is centered around the mission of contributing to the consciousness revolution. Our destiny is to wake up to what we really are. Which is god, and everything.
We are the Proof of Consciousness collective. Our mission is to elevate and unite human consciousness in the quest to collectively project a reality where the openness and expansion of mind and spirit is at the core of everything we believe and do. We were founded in 2021 by a group of friends inspired by the potential of emerging decentralized economic models to shift how we organize communities, empower individuals, and create and experience reality. The financial revolution underway is not just a new way to transmit value, but a tangible shift in our perception of a collective consciousness and our role as creators of a new world. This plane has always existed but can now be tapped into more effectively for collective benefit and more purposeful lives.
Our initial mint will create 1,444 non-fungible tokens known as Orbs of Consciousness. Each Orb will serve as a membership token to our community. The community will bring people together for IRL immersive events and online social experiences that are designed to create lasting human bonds and tap into the higher connective tissue that unites us all. We’re here to create experiences in real life and virtual worlds that elevate our feeling of belonging to one collective and connected consciousness.

The Proof of Consciousness community by its nature will expand our understanding of our potential to shape the emerging metaverse and, as a result, the universe itself. Our community members are creators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, investors and poets. The universe is a collective illusion that can be collectively shaped. The universe is our illusion. Connect with us. Let’s build a new reality -- together.